Sunday, March 6, 2011

I get by with a little help from my friends...

I knew that this week was going to be a rough one.  Darling Michael had to go off and make some money and has been gone since Tuesday morning.  A few weeks ago, before Hayden was born, I was just sure that I'd be able to handle having a newborn by myself.  How hard could it be?  Well, I'm glad that Michael didn't listen to me and made sure I had help this past week. 

My amazing sister, Ginny, who is in her second trimester with twins, came down here to help me out.  She changed diapers, made sure I had time to eat, held the baby so I could get stuff done around the house and generally was just good company to have around.  My cousins, Bambi & Palmer (who is Hayden's godmother!) came in yesterday afternoon for a quick, overnight visit and that was a welcome treat, too.  
It was lovely to have someone else to hand the baby off to when I wanted to take a shower or just take a nap.  It was rather comical, however, because Ginny needed naps as much as I did! 

It's amazing just how quickly Hayden is growing!  He's starting to coo and make non-crying noises now during his awake times... But he's sleeping quite a bit as well.  We're working out the kinks in our feeding schedules, too.  I'm pretty sure he's getting enough milk, between me and the extra formula I'm giving him.  Now, if we can just survive the next two days, I know I'm closer to getting this mommy thing down.  For these first few weeks, Michael has been the one to strap him into and carry him around in his car seat.  I did it all by myself today and yesterday :)  I still haven't mastered his stroller just yet, but we haven't had to use it on our own, so I still have time for that.  I'm also back on the roads again (yay!) and driving the car with an infant in the backseat is a little daunting, but he just sleeps (for now) so it's not that hard. 

I guess I better get some food before he wakes up from his latest milk-induced coma :)

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