Friday, February 25, 2011

But wait... what about paying for it all?

I mentioned that my health insurance was lapsing before the end of the summer.  And after a little research, I found out that our new health care legislation wasn't going to do anything to help me till 2014 [not trying to get political, that's for a different blog...].  So what's a girl to do?  The only logical thing she can do: re-enroll in school!  We found out that it would actually be much cheaper for me to take a couple of classes, pay an up-charge and be covered by the "enhanced" student health plan offered by the University of Montevallo.  So I signed up for a couple of classes that I knew would be interesting to me:  US History (up to the Civil War/War of Northern Aggression) and Art History of the 20th Century.  I never guessed myself to be a history buff, I always hated the classes in high school and my first go-round in college...  But I have found, in my dotage, that if you can actually reference historical events, your conversations and arguments tend to be more relevant. I guess they're right, with age comes wisdom.  And besides, whoever they are, they were right...  History is always repeating itself.  I found it very interesting the parallels between the early decades of our country and where we are now.  If only our leaders would go back to take an intro-level history class or two, they might see it too.  Oh, wait, sorry... Stepping down from my soapbox now.

The other ulterior motive behind going back to school, though, was for me to have time to relax and be pregnant.  I wouldn't have to worry about finding a job and stressing out about that.  There was also the added bonus of my newly-found over-achiever status:  anything less than an A would be unacceptable to me, so I would also boost my cumulative GPA.  I was honoring the advice my dear, sweet Grandaddy gave me years and years ago:  The day you stop learning something new everyday, you should just cock up your toes and die.  And I'm far from ready to shuffle loose this mortal coil [hat tip: Monty Python], so back to school with me!  The next thing I knew, it was December and I was almost eight months pregnant!

Hayden was quite taken with my professors.  He would be a wiggly, squirmy little dude and as soon as my professors would start to lecture, Hayden would calm down!  He's quite a good listener, and still is.  In fact, that's how he came to us:  Michael had to leave on a three-day road trip and had told Little Man to stay put just till at least Sunday.  And when he got home on Sunday night, Michael knelt in front of my [enormous] belly and started talking to Hayden.  He said, "Ok, Little Man.  You can come out now!  Daddy's home and he's ready to see you!  The weather is better now so you can come on out..." [it had been snowy and cold, it was now in the 70s and sunny].  I'll be dipped if the little bugger didn't listen to his daddy and make his way out two days later!  And the bond these two share is simply magical.

I'm a firm believer in imprinting.  When a baby chick is hatched, the first thing it sees, it thinks that's its mother.  Well, since I had a c-section, the first person Hayden got to spend any appreciable time with was Michael.  I know these two will be like Mutt & Jeff for the rest of our lives. 

Love at first sight

Snuggle buddies

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