Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hello... Is it me you're looking for?

After a serious bit of contemplation, I have decided to drop Facebook.  It invites too much drama  into my already-too-busy life.  I have so much more that I can be doing instead of sitting around, scrolling up and down endlessly to see what my "friends" are doing on a daily/hourly/minute-by-minute basis.  I'll miss keeping up with long-lost friends, but I won't miss being lectured, talked down to, criticized, and ridiculed by people I barely know.  It will help me to keep my blood pressure down instead of getting indignant when someone of a different political/religious/sexual orientation than me goes off on a tear.  It will also keep me from causing the same blood-pressure raising behaviors in others. 
If I have something to say, from now on, I'll say it here. 
If there are pictures to be posted, I'll post them here. 
If you're new to this blog, it was started with a different purpose in mind, but hey- times change.
Thanks for reading, and if you *are* reading this, thank you for being my friend...  [cue Golden Girls theme]


  1. =) I should probably get rid of Facebook as well. I just get jealous at all of the pictures of sonograms and babies. =)

  2. Glad you will still have your blog to keep in touch:)


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